The Post-Exhibition Blues

Do you, dear artist, go into a funk after an exhibition? When the frenzy and anticipation of preparing for a show are behind you and the party high of opening night is over,… Continue reading

Portrait painter to the elite

The Grand Palais in Paris is planning a retrospective of Marie-Louise-Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun for 2015. A master colorist like her idol, Peter Paul Rubens, Vigee Le Brun (1755-1842) enjoyed great success as… Continue reading

Still Learning

I’m back to blogging after a ridiculously long absence, inspired by the fresh new look of my blog, thanks to webmaster Michael Gabriel ( I’ve spent much of the past year on skills… Continue reading

New website

Hi all. My website revamp is complete. Check it out at Kudos to webmaster Michael Gabriel ( for turning my half-formed ideas into this fresh new look. I love his creative solution… Continue reading

For the Love of Cows

Painting cows en plein air should be easy, I thought. Placid animals, they’ll stay nice and still, right? Well, they may not move quickly, but they’re in constant motion! Where’s a cow whisperer… Continue reading

Puppy Love

Our Lab-Border Collie hound never met a dog toy he couldn’t shred. Only his Kong Ball is intact. A portrait of Spock is in the works. Now on, from Dec. 6 to Dec.… Continue reading

Web site redesign

┬áMy website,, is being redesigned, so new images will be posted here for now. I’m reading Rembrandt: The Painter at Work, by Ernst van de Wetering. The oak panels Rembrandt painted on… Continue reading

50 Sittings for One Portrait?

French artist Leon Bonnat (1833-1922) asked this and more from his portrait subjects. Laudable devotion to one’s craft, but agony for the sitter, I would think. For images and more info on this… Continue reading